High Rope

Aerial adventure parks, also known as high ropes courses, are combinations of cables and wooden activities suspended high in the air, containing obstacles of varying intensities

Melah Sauna
You are warmly invited to enjoy your sauna with all your senses. Where you can relish in the perfect harmony of body and mind.
Jambul Coffee by Jambuluwuk
The coffee house brings a sweetness to the day, coaxing an inner smile that warms from within cup of a coffee
ATV & Outbound Field
Specifically made for everyone who really likes to play an adrenaline games.
Fishing Pond
Catch the fish, pay for the number of fish you caught, and we will grill or fry the fish for your family to enjoy.
Children Playground
Everyone gets to have fun. Bring the kids to the playground and let them to have a jolly good time.
Social Bar & Lounge
This chic lounge boasts an impressive selection and unwind with a handcrafted signature cocktail or a menu of expertly-crafted bar