Indonesia archipelago is home to many different cultures, ethnic tribes, exotic natural beauties and the world-famous hospitality that has a special place in the hearts of the world travelers. Born out of the passion for hospitality and the love of Indonesia heritage, the company aims to prominently showcase the best indonesian heritage its culture, tradition, norms, and art. Jambuluwuk Hotels & Resorts is a fully owned national brand representing a collection of hotels & resorts in Indonesia with traditional aesthetic and equipped with modern comfort embarcing the beauty of nature surrounding. The Jewel of Jambuluwuk Hotels & Resorts, true indonesian hospitality where warm hearted and professional services welcome you at our exotic and strategic locations throughout all tourist destinations cities.
Coban Putri Waterfall, Batu

Coban Putri waterfall is a beautiful water fall on the slope with height of waterfall is about 30 meter

Coban Rondo Waterfall, Batu

Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful water fall on the slope of Mount Panderman, height of waterfall is about 60 meter

Jatim Park Batu

Jatim Park is a tourist attraction with a concept that combines a compatible policy and tourism education where you can play and learn all at once in one place and time. Greet you with a loaded vehicle will Khasanah education science and technology in early passage, thus sending you on a vehicle–a vehicle that will increasingly present firmament knowledge for anyone who came to visit. Starting from the Carving Gallery Pavilion Ethnic Festival and East Java that will take you to the passage of time, moving from one place to another in the archipelago and the vagaries of surfing culture in Indonesia.

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) is a tourhouse located in Batu City, East Java. BNS only operates at night. BNS combines the concept of shopping centers, games, sports, and entertainment in it. BNS has a multimedia display arena with a 50 meter long screen that is claimed to be the longest in Indonesia.

Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Secret Zoo is a modern tourist and zoo located in Batu City, East Java. Batu Secret Zoo located on the land area of ​​14 hectares is part of East Java Park 2. Large zoo featuring a wide variety of animals from around the world, plus play areas & rides. Some animal collections from various habitats, mostly from Asia and Africa, can be found in this zoo, including white lions, African deer, macau birds, and various reptiles

Museum Angkut

The main attraction of this museum is a collection of various historical cars and vehicles from past to present. There are several sets of themes are available to take pictures, such as Batavia, Europe (Buckingham) and American (Hollywood, Las Vegas, Broadway).